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Who we are?

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. If you have any queries you may contact us, TrueLayer Limited, at
We are also registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.
Because transparency is so important to TrueLayer, we like to keep the integrity of the forum by not deleting posts unless they violate our Code of Conduct. (Though we may hide posts that break our Code of Conduct). So, by posting any content on the forum you agree to us using this for as long as we need.
Because we can’t delete posts, please don’t post anything that could personally identify you publicly or any sensitive information that would allow access to your application/service or end users. We may edit posts which contain any of the following but not limited to the examples listed below:
  • Any usernames or passwords
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information e.g. email, name, address)
  • Client Secret from the TrueLayer Developer Console 
  • Any access tokens generated by TrueLayer products
  • API responses that include PII 
If you’re ever concerned about your privacy please contact us!
You’re fully responsible for any of your content. You need to make sure you have permission to post any information (where needed), and won’t harm anyone by making it public.
By using the forum you agree to follow our Community Code of Conduct. We might update these occasionally, but they’ll always be available on the forum. We reserve the right to suspend or remove your account if you don’t follow these guidelines.

Code of Conduct 

The TrueLayer Community is a place where everyone should feel welcome and feel safe enough to share their opinions. We accept and encourage differing opinions, this code of conduct sets out guidelines to ensure that we can all share these opinions in a safe way. 
The purpose of this document is to highlight our values, what we do and don’t stand for, and what measure we will take to protect everyone that participates. 


Diversity is our strength and the reason that we wanted to start this community for everyone. We want everyone to feel included and no one should ever feel excluded on the basis of:
  • Gender, Gender identity or expression 
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Physical appearance 
  • Race 
  • Disability or medical condition 
  • Age 
  • Religion 
A note on politics: Political discussions are not banned, but we don’t tolerate using our forum as a personal soapbox to air political opinions. As always, our moderators have the final say on this.

Our Shared Values 

We will:
  • Collectivity and individually commit to the safety and inclusivity of everyone participating. 
  • Have a zero-tolerance for abuse, discrimination or harassment.
  • Be kind and respect each other's boundaries.
  • Choose our words carefully - refrain from language that could be considered oppressive.
  • Not use oppressive topics as a use of humour. 
  • Not suggest or speculate on ways of breaking the law, or the security measure of TrueLayer or other financial institutions. 
We work together towards:
  • A safe and welcoming community.
  • A network of innovation, support and encouragement for all members.
We will not stand for:
  • Publishing of personal or sensitive information (doxxing).
  • Threats of harm or harassment.
  • Anything that compromises people safety. 

Community Etiquette 

We will avoid:
  • Confrontational or passive aggressive responses. (Please flag to a moderator instead)
  • Posting low value content that does not add to the discussion.
  • Making the same arguments over and over again. (We will shut down discussions that are at a deadlock)
  • Name calling.
  • Criticising individuals personally. (Not their posts)
  • Creating multiple accounts.
We do not:
  • Post anything that reasonably would be considered offensive, abusive or promoting hate. 
  • Post anything obscene or sexually explicit.
  • Post spam.
  • Harass of grief anyone.
We will foster a healthy discussion by:
  • Listening without interruption.
  • Take all comments in good faith.
  • Acknowledge and apologise for any behaviour going against the guidelines set out in this document. 
We cannot list everything here, just because something is not explicitly stated does not give grounds discussion. If any of the above is unclear the final decision is at the discretion of the moderators (which staff having the final say). We will always use our best judgement in the best interest of the community. 

Breaking the Rules 

We will take a strong stance on enforcing our community guidelines. The moderators say is final and in severe cases that we have zero tolerance on they will immediately ban and remove users from the community. 
For other violations we will :
  • In the first occurrence, issue the user with a warning and explain which part of our code of conduct. 
  • In the second occurrence, take action which could be a suspension.
  • Multiple violations, remove the user from the community.   

Get in touch 

If you see a community post which breaches these guidelines, please flag it to make one of the team aware. You can email us at 


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